Spey Fumare

The Spey Fumare is the first peated whiskey from a Speyside Distillery, Since 2-3 years, they are several to try something they’re not used to do. So far, I’m used to say “Doing new things is good but people should try to excel what they do the  best”. This kind of “test” is rarely conclusive but, ok, let’s try it… Finally, after having poured it in my glass, I wasn’t sure that this was whisky, as its color was sooooo clear… maybe pure spirit or, well, some water. But let’s try it…

Nose: Peat! Phew, so it wasn’t water in my glass! Very light smoke, it is rather on something maritime and iodized. A touch of fresh herbs.

Mouth: Peat! Bis repetita (hey, they were the first using Latin). Some light smoke, as for the nose, a woody touch and maybe a little lemony tip. And… Nothing else unfortunately. Really nothing else… So sad.

Finish: Peat! For a while… As used with peat… Still nothing else.

Note: 70/100.

Yeah, it’s a bad note for that Spey Fumare but it’s to discourage them from doing that kind of mistake. Leave the peat to those who know how to do something really good with peat… and continue to do what you do the best. I mean … no peat! 😐