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Teeling Brabazon / Small Batch / Revival V / 19yo


I’ve had the pleasure of participating to a masterclass entirely dedicated to the Teeling distillery. This is the opportunity for me to give you a little return about the whiskeys tasted at this event organized at the O’Flaherty’s (a pub that I highly recommend if you’re spending some time in Namur, Belgium). I already knew the Single Grain and Stout Cask discovered recently and for which tasting notes have already been published on this blog, so i’ll speak about the Brabazon, Small Batch Rum, Revival V (Cognac & Brandy Casks) and the 19-year-old rum bottling for The Nectar 😉

Teeling Stout Cask

Teeling Stout Cask

The Teeling Stout Cask comes from the marriage between two Irish spirits, the whisky and the famous dark beer. This product was developed in collaboration with the Irish Galway Bay Brewery, one more time we can say that Teeling demonstrates its creativity. This innovative association offers a limited edition (12,000 bottles) announced as being rich in flavors and character. This whisky was aged more than 6 months in casks containing the beer “200 Fathoms Imperial Stout”, and this beer just spent time in… old Teeling bourbon casks! So these casks just come back home with some bonus. Let’s see this! 😀 

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