I’ve had the pleasure of participating to a masterclass entirely dedicated to the Teeling distillery. This is the opportunity for me to give you a little return about the whiskeys tasted at this event organized at the O’Flaherty’s (a pub that I highly recommend if you’re spending some time in Namur, Belgium). I already knew the Single Grain and Stout Cask discovered recently and for which tasting notes have already been published on this blog, so i’ll speak about the Brabazon, Small Batch Rum, Revival V (Cognac & Brandy Casks) and the 19-year-old rum bottling for The Nectar 😉

Teeling Brabazon (sherry casks – 49.5% – 65€)

Teeling BrabazonNose: The sherry notes are not so hard, they are even rather shy. These are manifested with aromas of plums and dates. A touch of chocolate and biscuit.

Mouth: Sweet and slightly creamy. Mainly fruity, with a lot of oranges flavors, bananas, peaches and pineapples. It lacks a touch of spice, which I was waiting for with thatt kind of barrel, to make the difference with other similar bottlings.

Finale: Medium length, always smooth, fruity and sweet.

Note: 83/100

Teeling Small Batch (Rum casks finish – 46% – env. 30€)

Teeling Small BatchNose: Fruity, revealing pears but also a little tropical touch that I can’t define. Rum is also present on the nose, but rather lightly, with a touch of vanilla.

Mouth: Sweet and invading the palate with notes of rum, a little more pronounced than with the nose. The fruits are more present with bananas, melon, in a rather greedy way. Floral notes are also present and there is always some vanilla.

Finish: Short to medium. Fruity.

Note: 80/100

Teeling Revival V (Cognac & Brandy Casks – 46% – env. 110€)

Teeling Revival VNose: Fruity as i like it (well, I will repeat myself but the Teeling is generally fruity so it’s not my fault :p ). A very nice mix of apricots and pears with a wonderful touch of cognac. So can we assimilate it to a pear-brandy? No, it’s more subtle and this is particularly due to the fact that there are also pastry notes, turning it into a gourmet fruit cake.

Mouth: Sweet, creamy and greedy. It’s still fruity (mainly on pears but also with an exotic touch) and always with nice pastry notes. A hint of honey at the end of the mouth which makes it softer again.

Finish: Medium length with a long tendency. Fruity, honeyed and woody.

Note: 86/100

Teeling 19yo for The Nectar (Rum Cask – 52.3% – env. 180€)

Teeling 19yo the NectarNose: Fresh, fruity and honeyed. We are here on aromas of lemons and mandarins accompanied by honey and vanilla (thank you to the rum cask). A woody touch in the background.

Mouth: Round on the palate, with exotic notes of bananas, mango and passion fruits. Woody and spicy notes at the end of the mouth. Sweet like a candy.

Finish: Medium length on honey and vanilla.

Note: 87/100

Thank you to Christophe and Christopher for organizing this beautiful evening and the things learned during this tasting! Looking forward for more! 😀