Talisker Distillers Edition Amoroso

The Talisker is probably not the most affordable (and, here, I’mnot speaking about his price), especially for people who just appreciate a few hint of peat. He is generally quite complex in his younger expressions, and I think i’m not the only one to think that. This Talisker Distillers Edition (45.8%) has an Amoroso sherry casks finish (softer than the Oloroso), which makes it softer than another young whisky in bourbon casks. That’s why its usual peat power is reduced and its fruity potential is inversely accentuated. More informations about that with the tasting notes 😉 

Nose: The fruits are surprisingly more present than the peat, just because it is quickly felt but remains in the background. We are on a delicate mix of grapes and red fruits. A light smoke and … I do not know what makes me think of a walk in the woods (sometimes we have images like that difficult to describe more precisely, but if it can reassure you it does not smell the squirrel’s dung :p).

Mouth: The peat takes its place (after all, it is a Talisker!), Accompanied by woody and peppery touches. The fruits take a stewed form, really sweet. It is pleasantly delicate, sweet and… sweet. This is the first time that a Talisker has this effect to me, it could reconcile the most recalcitrant peaple with peat.

Finish: Medium length, peat and fruits in a nice balance. Amazing, and surprising, really.

Note: 87/100 (I was thinking about 86/100 but so surprising… I just had to give it 87).

This Talisker Distillers Edition Amoroso is available for fifty euros and I have to say that… I’m not the biggest fan of peat, but I really encourage you to try this one, just to see if he can not change your mind. It will be, at least, an interesting experience and could maybe open new horizons 😀 (Well, after such a compliment, I think that Talisker should at least send me a bottle, don’t you think so?)