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How to pronounce this whisky name?

If there is one thing that can be difficult, it is to correctly pronounce the name of a whisky (and therefore the distillery from which it comes) without flaying it…

We all prefer to avoid looking like an amateur (while there is no shame about it) and feel uncomfortable when we are in the presence of someone who knows his subject. And it’s a little trickier when you’re in a whisky festival or masterclass, facing someone from a distillery, and that you don’t know how to pronounce it without offending this person. That would be like flaying his own name

These videos will help you to pronounce the names of the main distilleries as insiders 😀

Just another whisky blog?

If you’re here, reading this whisky blog, that’s because you love whisky, and just for that, I already like you. That’s cool cause i like it too! “Yeah dude, otherwise you would not have done this blog” – Sure 😐 In the past, i didn’t like whisky … But one day a friend of mine (hi ​​Luc!) suggest me a glas of whisky after a good meal, I decline politely saying “I don’t really like that” so he asked me “Ok but … Have you ever drunk a really good whisky?”. And then everything changed, to the delight of my partner (hi Audrey!), Or not … Rather not :p

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