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Highland Park Thor

Highland Park Thor

Here are the tasting notes of one of my favorite bottles, namely the fabulous Highland Park Thor! First whisky from the Valhalla collection, followed by Loki, Freya and Odin (in this order). Highland Park has found the vein to tickle lovers of pretty boxes and, by the way, fans of Nordic mythology. I have to admit that I also bought this box as soon as it was released, without tasting it first… If I have regrets? Only one: not having bought 3 bottles at once

Macduff 33yo Golden Cask

Macduff 33yo

For your next sunless day, I suggest you to discover a whisky that will brighten your day, the Macduff 33yo by… Macduff. Have to say it’s not the same Macduff as the one from the distillery, maybe they’re from the same family but this one is an independent bottler. Well, we don’t care, there are certainly a lot of Macduff in Scotland. This whisky (47.5%), from the collection “The Golden Cask Reserve”, is a limited edition of 125 bottles  and comes from the CM210 cask. Here we go for the tasting notes 😀

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