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Vega 33yo by North Star Spirits

North Star Spirits are used to impressing us with excellent blends! Even real nuggets (especially in their Vega collection). Here comes another fabulous blend of whiskies aged in American and European oak barrels. Looking to this  nice color, no need to specify what king of tasting notes you’ll get, but i will confirm it below 😛 A limited edition of only 400 bottles! Let’s taste it! 😀

Vega 40yo North Star Spirits


North Star Spirits is an independent bottler who started bottling whisky in 2016 but has already gained a great reputation, thanks to its series Vega and that I will introduce here with the second pretty baby, the Vega 40yo ( 43.1% – 2018). After a 23 years old blend (of excellent quality), whisky lovers were impatiently waiting for this 40 years old blend! Not only because they (and I) had some hope to taste a whisky of even higher quality but also because of the incredibly low prices asked for these bottles. And nobody was disappointed, regarding the price and the quality of this whisky. Here come the tasting notes 😀

Aultmore 25yo A.D. Rattray

Aultmore 25yo A.D. Rattray

Today I am sharing my impressions about the excellent Aultmore 25yo AD Rattray, a whisky distilled in 1990, aged in sherry casks and bottled in 2015. The Aultmore distillery, located in Speyside, is highly renowned for the quality of its single malts. No need to say that the expectations for one of his whiskys, especially of this age (and even more because you’ll not often find independant bottlings from this distillery and this age), are particularly important 😀 And, super bonus, it has aged in sherry casks and it is a combination that has already proved its worth, some pleasure moments in sight!

Glen Grant 40yo 1973 by Samaroli

Glen Grant 40yo

Today I have the pleasure to share my tasting notes of a Glen Grant 40yo distilled in 1973, aged in sherry casks and bottled by Samaroli in 2013. That’s not every day that we have the pleasure to taste a so aged Speyside and, when it comes, we always expects a great moment of pleasure. As Samaroli is one of the last Italian whisky trading companies, which bottled some of the most researched bottles, expectations are even greater. And it’s even better when it’s offered :p (Thanks Jurgen!)

Strathmill 32yo XOP by Douglas Laing

A whisky from Douglas Laing quickly calling another one, here is one more for a tasting that has surpassed, until this day, almost all tastings i’ve had. This 32 year old Strathmill (51.0% – cask n° DL 10912) is part of their very nice collection X.O.P. (for Xtra Old Particular) which counts some wonderful whiskys and this is one of them!

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