Macallan Quest

Today I will talk about the Macallan Quest (40%). This whisky, developed for the Macallan travel retail collection, has been aged in 4 different types of casks: old American and European sherry casks, American bourbon casks and small hogsheads. This whisky is a tribute to those people who travel thousands of miles each year in quest of the best casks for their whisky. So, does it worth the trip? :p

Macallan QuestNose: Extremely fresh, light and fruity. Notes of oranges, lemons and apples. It also reveals a touch of vanilla and light spices. Light woody notes.

Mouth: We’re on something very sweet and sugary. Always very fruity with oranges but also dried apricots. We also find again this little tip of vanilla. Not as subtle as the nose has left me think but it is still pleasant.

Finish: Short, a little too much, sweet and fruity. It was light in mouth and, in the same idea, it seems to evaporate in your mouth.

Note: 81/100

I would say that the “problem” with Macallan is that when one of their whisky is really good, it is at least 3 times more expensive than another for an equal quality and when we find one of their bottles at a price that we can afford well… We have what we had to expect, a nice whisky but still a little bit too expensive for what it’s worth. You will find this Macallan Quest for an average price of 75€.